Upon starting a large construction project, there are many media tools that you can take advantage of to assist, monitor and review over the lifetime of the project.


Time-Lapse photography is a great tool for both marketing and displaying your ongoing project to stakeholders and potential buyers. Using high resolution cameras, we will maintain the camera for the lifetime of the project and we can offer a 4G remote access feature.

Capture and monitor your build from the start and watch it flourish. We are able to mount our cameras at a suitable vantage point ensuring the best view of the site. If there is not a suitable position to place the camera on site, we can custom build our own tower to create a great vantage point.


The use of Drones when surveying areas of building/land can be highly effective when it is difficult to access these areas under normal circumstances.

Using state of the art UAVs, we can generate comprehensive 3D and 2D surveys which will assist you in your planning.

All of our drone pilots are licensed by the CAA and fully insured before partaking in any project.


Use a 3D virtual model of your build to see the floor plans in more depth. 

Step into your model for a virtual walkthrough and use measurement tools to aid with pre-interior fitting plans. All measurements are 99% accurate using laser technology.

"Working with The Windmill Group was an all round great experience. They understood exactly what we wanted to achieve and added their creative input. We now have the content we needed to engage further with our clients."
Charlie O'brien
Sales & Marketing Manager - TT Group Worldwide